Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ken Marsden Art

Hello again!

On our trip back from Taos we stopped by Galena and stayed at the Grandview- the nicest of Galena's many fine B&B's. Take a look!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ken Marsden Art

Its been awhile. I just got back from a short trip to Taos, NM. I can understand why artists have flocked there, the light is intense and the surrounding country side is beautiful. I even got in one day of mountain trout fishing with my favorite 4wt. fly rod.

I didn't like the hectic nature of the traffic in the shopping area but there were some nice galleries. I talked with several gallery owners and a very workable, nice gallery space runs about $1,700 / month. Volume and pricing seem to make it work. One gallery wanted $200 / month for a relatively small wall space. He had 5 current artists and 5 more waiting. If I was young I'd be tempted to buy a place there- but then I'd want the wall space for my own art.

A lot of the art is "Edgy" and modern but I saw some with which I could relate. Perhaps the best part was visiting the surrounding areas, especially the Pueblo nearby. I shot pictures to serve as inspiration for "back home paintings." Some of the shots were of the more interesting Native Americans who agreed to the photo- not all do.

I haven't been putting many paintings on the blog or web site because I have it on good source that they are being stolen faster than I can paint them so I guess I'll rely on gallery sales pretty much from now on.